We were fortunate to have my dad visiting over and we went for a few days out of the city with him.

We went to Cholula and nearby towns, such as Chipilp and Atlixco Puebla.

We saw many churches and enjoyed ourselves a lot, my favorite thing was the smoked Chipilo cheese.



I'm getting ready for Sunday with some chocolate eggs a little basket for my son to collect them and 3 knitted bunnies on the work right now.

He has been feeling not so well, trowing up last night and the night before, so we are going slow today, I hope he will get better soon, he is not so bad and no fever has appear, so I think he will get better on his own, (I hope).


Embroidery Napkin

Joining Nicole today at KCCO  

I'm still working on it, I feel it's going very slow. but also we had the Suzuki Festival (FICUP) last week and it was crazy time.

Today we are not doing so well at this homeschooling business and parenting by my part.

Sigh, I'll try to do better.


Embroided Napking and Swim caps (KCCO)

Joining Nicole today at KCCO  

We have been very busy these days, with homeschooling and all.

Weekend are our busiest days, and because of that I have found that Monday most be a rest day.

Yesterday we rest and clean up. I started this embroidery napkin, with the sole idea of having it to purchase tortillas.

Here in Mexico we have tortilla's shops everywhere,  if you bring don't bring a napkin, they will place your tortillas in paper and charge you for it, it's a minimal fee, but you may loose one or two tortillas because of that. So I always wanted to have a beautiful embroider napkin, and I have started a few over the years and then abandon them. I'm liking very much how this one is looking I hope to finish it.

I also got a swim cap order from my shop, I was sure I had the cap already made, but I didn't. so I just made it again and created a different adult pattern with a cool sharks fabric I had.

Here it is.

What about you? what are you creating?


Yarn Along :: Theater reading

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wednesday or to the flickr group any day.

I don't think that I have mention, but my formal education is as an actress, I did Dramatic literature and theater career at UNAM, the best public University in Mexico. But I didn't finished, I'm missing a class and my thesis, I have made efforts for finishing before, but not very good ones, this time I do intend to first approved my class and then proceed with a project to them make a report that will be valid as thesis.

I'm still unsure about if making a radio show for kids or a some little plays for toddlers based in that book above and maybe John Jolt's books.

Also I got this nice manual to help me prepare my birth classes, not sure that I can recommend any of these, unless you are interested on the subjects.

On the knitting front I almost done with this sock, is taking me forever right? Love the yarn.


Yarn Along :: Socks and Mary Poppins

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

I'm still working on the socks, link here, I feel that I'm progressing too slow.
We saw this documentary the other day and we got interested on Mary Poppins, so we are reading it now, I had no idea that P.L. Travers had such an interesting life.

What are you up to this week?

A History Time Line

We are starting our third week of homeschooling and I fell I that we are not doing enough while at same time I'm amazed about what we actually do, specially the great conversations we have and the feeling of that I'm almost obsolete to my kid's learning process, since he is such an avid reader and beats me at learning by getting information by himself while I'm busy preparing a class.

But it's all okay, I understood we just need more books, and about I can't complain because I do love books.

I spend a few nights making this time line of Human History. I finally got it ready and it is on our wall now. Also I made it into a PDF file if anyone is interested, right now only in Spanish, but I will make it in English too. I think it's great to have it like this, so we can get an idea of what happened when.

One thing I love very much about homeschooling is the much I get to learn.

What about you?, what's your favorite part?