Geranium dress

Last night I wanted to make something special for a baby.

We had guests for breakfast, a couple who took the prenatal class with me.
They came to introduce their baby. a lovely girl.

So I decided to try this pattern, and then to add diaper cover, booties and then a bonnet too.

I love the result, and I want to make so many more!

Info: the bonnet is Peekaboo Bonnet (by Rae as the Geranium dress), diaper cover (by Dana) and booties pattern from this store.


Yarn Along :: Tree doll blanket

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wednesday or to the flickr group any day. 

I have been so busy. We are so delay on homeschooling work, but it's just that with my kid learning three musical instruments plus theater and chess classes, and my work at the shop, we are kind of full. But instead of freaking out I'll just try to relax, and let things flow.

In the middle of all of this I have only had time to knit some small blankets for my kid's stuffed animals. This one is supposed to be a tree.

My very little reading is the first number of the National Geographic History Encyclopedia that is at the magazine stands every two weeks and we are collecting. I get distracted and I have to re read, but I really want to build some knowledge about history, and the pictures are amazing.

We have been watching Downton Abey and so I got this recipe book, which is great, even when I can't eat most of what is there for the gluten and dairy, but it's full historic details that I love to read.

What's on your needles this week?


Hobbit Inspired Giveaway

I thought that after the Hobbit birthday of my beautiful boy, It would be fun to have a Hobbit giveaway.

And so I put together a pack with most of the goodies from the birthday, and I'm going to give it to you.

You just have to leave a comment here for a chance to win, or like our facebook page and come back and tell in comments to be have a second chance to win.

Package includes:
1 felt sword
1 Gandalf hat
1 floral crown 
 2 dwarf beards
2 elvish crowns
1 messenger bag
2 elvish bows with arrows and bags

Winner will be announced next Friday (October 10).

Good Luck everyone!


Sewing a lot, again

I have been working on some things for our home, like simple pillows but with beautiful fabric, I think pillows make a home cozy, even if you don't have couches.

Last Saturday we had visitors for breakfast, and so I took this chance to make place mats and napkins that I have been planning for a few weeks.

I end up making a bread basket with the same fabric, I tried to imitate a tree trunk, I love to make thing that remind of forest, trees and nature.

Also I'm still working on the puppets for the birthday of a little boy, they are giving one puppet to each kid, I'm hand sewing the eyes, and that's delaying me.

The night I made the napkins I also cut some pillows I have to make for an order, and I end up with a few stripes of fabric of the same width, and I decided to try my hand at a log cabin patch, not really knowing very well how to, but it came up nice in the end, I think, I added son corners to make it more pretty, I always get very worry about how to combine colors right on a quilt, and that even stops me from doing it.

I haven't made the pillow for this one yet, I made all my pillows because I like to use cotton fabric and I think all pillows that sale on stores are expensive.

I'm joining Nicole, on KCCO today, what are you creating these days?


Macaw wings for a girl's birthdays

I made two pairs of wings for some girls, sisters that requested them for birthday, one is one year older than the other, but you could no tell the difference, and they are very sweet friends of my son, and so I wanted to pleased them very much. I designed two different wings based on macaw pictures.

I also made some bags as gift wrapping because I just can't use paper for that, at least I know that if I make a fabric bag it probably will be used and definitively wouldn't end on the trash at the end of the party.

So this is the, the girls liked them very much, and that's the most important thing.


The bitterness of eight

I haven't felt it before. At least not like this. But eight is so much, so big, so not a baby for so far, that it kind of hurts that he grows.

I get the feeling that  I can notice a lot of differences. That he really looks older, that he is stopping being a small child to become more like, I don't know, him, and I love to see it, to be present in this transformation, but I do get that, as he puts it: he growing into his own person, into his own ideas apart from me, becoming himself, and I feel proud and kind of sad.


Butterfly wings and more sewing

 I have been working the past nights on some butterfly wings for some orders on my shop.

I haven't ever made wings on purple and I found out that I had to use a different method than in the other ones, which is longer. I also want to get a wood frame for doing them, because as I work now it means to have four of the total of 5 chairs of my house out of use.

I enjoy very much this work, and I'm planning on doing more of this and less of the work outside, I love to give classes and I really bond with my students, babies and pregnant couples, but it really isn't working for us as a family for different reasons.

One of them is that salary is very short, plus I'm asked to give free classes and this is proving to be too exhausting for my kid and me, also, I don't get to have weekend time with him, and now we have a lot of work starting third grade on homeschooling, so I had to choose.

I'm also working on some eating sets, such as the one I made years ago for my kid to take to school but with different fabrics.

When ever I can I sew something for my kid when I have been sewing a lot for work. I have ordered some pretty fabrics to make pillows for the birthday party, since we don't have enough chairs, but they didn't arrived on time, they arrived today and are beautiful, I hope to get to make the pillows soon, but tonight I made one dinosaur one for my not so little one.

What are you working now?