Thanks to Sew, Mama Sew, I have rediscovered the art of embroidery, and I'm enjoying it so much.

Servilleta bordada

I go to a kid's music class with my son, the other day the teacher was teaching a little bit of reading music; since then I wanted to make a Music Mat, that would be portable and versatile, and after some days of mental designing this is the result, we still need more notes, but I like it.

Tapete musical


{this moment}

A Soule Mama tradition. One photo, no words.


I like to sew

I like to sew.
That's is the origin of everything.
The first time I used a sewing machine I was 5.

I can be very selfish, but in general I like to be for others, I feel my purpose in life is to please and please myself by doing it and that I should help other to give sense to my life.

I love to find the perfect gift for every personality, and I put great effort on it even if the person in not of my affection and I was raised to value handmade over industralized items.

In the other hand I like simple projects that can be completed in a few hours and made with natural but cheap materials and -if possible- reuse supplies.


Here is a napkin set for my father's elementary school teacher who is kind of a mother for him, since his died when he was very young. I love to use this kind of napkins, they have so many uses and save so many trees (I haven't buy paper napkins or tissue for years), but above that they are so soft an become softer with time, and also they are so pretty, they make you feel nourished, as if mama were taking care of you even when you are by yourself and I add a note in lace that says Made with love by Nahuatl (which is my name, an unusual one,  Aztec, but that is subject of a different post, I guess).

Paquete de envío

When I get orders from my store I always like to add a little freebie, a mini purse, a crocheted hair clip, becuase I love to receive that when I purchase on Etsy.


Today I made a guitar strap for my little one, I love his face when it was finished.

Porta guitarra

And here he is, happy whit Los Fafulosos Cadillacs music, to bad the video is flurry.



Does it happens to you that sometimes when your mind involuntary relaxes an image comes to you?

I get images of places of my past, but they are always alone and abandoned, and they make me feel so nostalgic.


My menstrual cycle

Since I took the course  Ciclo Femenino y Fertilidad Consciente, by Yeztli, I have been much more aware of my cycle.

Curso ciclo femenino

I wish I had knew much before what I know now about it, we are so influenced to consider it annoying that we don't release the beauty on it, we try to stay on a very balanced emotional state since to be changing is associated in a bad way with being with a women, and so we don't see the opportunity that is to have a cycle to start all over very month, and the course open my eyes to that.

Mis lunas

Even when I have been taking register of my cycle since I was a little girl, I always took note only of the first day of it and its duration, but with my new knowledge  I was able to determinate my ovulation day, and there I found a pattern, as you can see in this Moon Calendar the orange moons that are my first day don't show anything, but the blues do, and this gave light even about one long period I had (34 days), that was the changing from ovulation in new moon, to ovulate in full moon. And the ovulation day is almost the same day of my period, no matter how much it last. This has help me to not to use any artificial anti conception medicine, which may harm my health.

December 2009 30 days, ovulation on day 13.
January, 29 days, ovulation on day 10.
February 27 days, ovulation on day 13.
March 26  days, ovulation on day 15.
April 27  days, ovulation on day 12.
May 29  days, ovulation on day 12.
June 34  days, ovulation on day 13.
July 30  days, ovulation on day 11.
August 30  days, ovulation on day 13.

Mi ciclo

In this process I have been able to identify the different moods  I go through from super cleaning before ovulation, to hipper sensibility to cold during ovulation, to bad mood before my period, and finally to the presence in present during my menstruation, the increase of perception and the connecting with my kid, that I get to only this time at month, is a time of slow down and calm, to heal all wounds.

  So, it's crazy that this has been with me for 19 years and it was just so recently I found out, how do you live your menstruation?



I am very exciting by my new store in Etsy I think I finally found a good name that holds the concept of the kind of products I like to make.

This week I made this snack bags for mys son, since he is going to kindergarden now (we don't know yet if schooling is going to be permament, by now he is happy and that is).

Para llevar comida

And I already made some for my store too. I love them.

Bolsita con queso

There si so many sewing tutorials on the web I wish I could do, but I can't sew all day and night. I want to share them with you in case you didn't knew them.



I feel everybody is been away from the internet this week, I hope it's for good reasons, if it's not and you feel like sharing I offer to write paper letters so maybe we can support each other.

My post address is:

Nahuatl Vargas
Apartado 1500

I also wanted to share mi basil plant, which is growing and cheers me up.