I am very exciting by my new store in Etsy I think I finally found a good name that holds the concept of the kind of products I like to make.

This week I made this snack bags for mys son, since he is going to kindergarden now (we don't know yet if schooling is going to be permament, by now he is happy and that is).

Para llevar comida

And I already made some for my store too. I love them.

Bolsita con queso

There si so many sewing tutorials on the web I wish I could do, but I can't sew all day and night. I want to share them with you in case you didn't knew them.



I feel everybody is been away from the internet this week, I hope it's for good reasons, if it's not and you feel like sharing I offer to write paper letters so maybe we can support each other.

My post address is:

Nahuatl Vargas
Apartado 1500

I also wanted to share mi basil plant, which is growing and cheers me up.


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randi said...

what a cute store! best wishes with it!

you have a super cute blog with lots of fun ideas. :)