I got a purchase!

It is always so exciting!

I haven`t got time lately to dedicate to my on line store, I have been so busy doing all the things for my educational center, here at home. I have been creating any way, but only for gifts or my son´s school stuff.

But yesterday, the volcanic earrings were sold and today they where sent.

I am very happy for the center witch will be open to the public on May, I am a midwife or doula, or something in between and I will be teaching pregnant women and their couples how to prepare for birth, breastfeeding and how take care of their babies, and also I will be giving baby classes, with music, motor skills, visual arts and sensory experimentation including taste, it's so much fun, it's so much work. I have made this mats for the babies and the cube, and I already have four balls for pregnancy workout classes, so I am getting close to it.

Sometimes I don't like when homework is for the parents and not for the kid, as it usually happens with toddlers, but I try also to find an opportunity to explore new activities with my kid and involve him as much as I can. So they are working with transportation topic now and we chose thy subway, and it was a lot of fun, Itzcóatl (my son) help paint this and it was the first time he actually enjoy to paint. There it is my little one painting and painting himself, and his masterpiece and my hand with his foot print.
He was not very happy of wearing his box, but at least his teacher's got it, in home he would cry just with the perspective of it.

Here is also a cat I made for the wind that comes from under the door (that should have a name, but I don't know), a glass bird made by a friend who hasen't decide yet to open her Etsy shop, a puppet cat for a classmate of my son, a robe or bib for art work for my son and an awesome mermaid with a mirror inside of a couple of little doors that I just got, very Mexican kind of work on metal.

Well, I say good bye now and hope to contact you soon.