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En el rebozo, una vez más


The very last piece of my Folsky Flannels Fat Quarter

Toallas de franela
As soon as it got avaible I got a Fat Quarter of Folsky Flanels and I intend to turn it into Menstrual Pad for sale.
Bola esfera para bebé

After cutting all the pads (which by the way are still waiting to be sewn) I saved every piece, then I made a little soft ball for the baby of my partner of the Christmas Exchange for Spanish bloggers, and still, save the little scraps left. And then, on last Friday, after my first expo in Costa Rica for the cloth diapers and eco-products, I went to a terrible phase of anguish thinking that I had loosed all my product (which were in a suitcase), so after I recover all my stuff, I need to release all that stress and I went to my sewing machine for conmort, and as always, I found it.

Bolsita para prensitas del pelo

I made this tiny bag for my bobbypins and other hair related accessories to go into my purse and not to have all lost in it. I printed it myself using rubber stamps from Wee Gallery and Norajane, and inside I used one of my last little little scraps of the Folsky Flanels, by the way, I always think the inside fabric is as important as the rest of the fabric in a project, even when is not shown to the world, it is for you, you do see it every time you open that purse/bag/shirt and it does make a difference for you, or at least for me.

Franelita interior

I reed on Sew Liberated about the new book by Ana Maria Horner and I can't wait to see it, so I hope to get one soon.

So happy sewing to you all.


Having some doubts

Some time I wonder about what I am doing about unschooling, I guess I should not be worrying so much about that I should have him in school already, since my s on not even 4, and unschooling feels right, my kid does not want to go, but what I worry a lot is that when we see other kids, like relatives, I feel they have a bad influence on him, if we are visiting, we see candy everywhere and at any time of day, violent kids movies, bad food (not healthy), consumism (all toys are a character addiction), and then i wonder if I am exaggerating or if I should just surrender to world mass tendency, or how should I protect my son from all this without deprive him from family. Is not easy to speak openly to adults, among our culture is consider very rude not to accept a meal or have suggestions, or limits for your son different than for the other ones.
Any ideas?



The other we went out and we got to see many insects, when this happens I always feel that we had a great unschooling day, we saw this spider with some fly wings coming out of his mouth, a big tarantula (as big as my hand) and a big beetle. I was fun.
Araña con alas de mosca saliéndole de las fauces
Gran tarántula
Gran escarabajo