Natural Solutions

Recently we had bugs in the stomach, it was not nice, and we prefer natural options, and we were blessed with the advice of my friend Caroline, who is learning Natural Medicine, and she told us that you can regularly prevent this by eating 11 half nuts for adults in the morning before any other food for a week and 6 for kids for 5 days. Isn't great? it's so easy, and harmless, we have been doing it and feeling better.


PEX and Birds

On Saturday we went to the PEX (Parque Ecológico de Xochimilco) to watch birds, this Park is in still in the City, so I wasen't expecting much, but guess what?
Pato pico azul
Pelícanos en vuelo
Pato Tepalcate, creo
Garza azul
This is just a little example, and my camera is quite regular, imagine it with binoculars...


Pants for my men (and boy)

We had this project on mind for months, he wants to learn how to make his own clothes, so we got this expensive Italian linen (12 yard) but there was only one yard left, luckily it was just enough and He is happy with the result.
Pantalones para Mar
Also, again, I end up making pijama's pants for my little one at 8 on night, because he wet his other pijamas, I guess is a good thing to have a sewing mama.
Piyama de 20 minutos


Experimental baking

Using the last recipe I made again Bluberrie cake and chocolate Tofu cakes, all without baking powder, and mixing only with a fork.
So, the one on the right would be blueberry, in the other two have chocolate (water chocolate from Oxaca), tofu, butter and sugar they are the same mix, but the one on the left has eggs, it's so interesting to see how that change everything.
Panqués experimentales