Last Friday my beautiful little Itzcoatl had his first violin recital.Violonista

I'm up to the sky inflated with pride, as you can imgine, so clever, so handsome, with his fancy clothing, he really liked  one of the students performance who played the Concerto in C Major Op 41 Borisovich Kabalevsky Dmitri (I movement). I loved the interpretation of the Concerto in E major for violin (I movement Allegro) Bach.

It was a wonderful moment, I keep it in my heart forever.
Son, I'm very proud of you, you are wonderful.


{this moment}

A Friday ritual, one picture, no words, inspired by SouleMama.



{this moment}

Una foto, sin palabras, un momento que queramos atesorar de nuestra semana, un ritual del viernes creado por SouleMama, todos podemos publicar nuestras fotos y compartirlas entre todos dejando los enlaces en los comentarios de los demás, los invito a participar.

Rompecabezas de la Mona Lisa


Lunch bag


The other day it became obvius that my son need a replacement for his lunch bag, which I made 2 years ago.


So I did a new one, with a lot of laminated scraps, which makes it easy to clean, and I made him a new place mat and napking.


We loved it.

What are you sewing these days?


Make you own alphabet flash cards (by nonchalantmom)

The other I found this tutorial via Wee Gallery blog (have you seen her beautiful baby cards and wall decals?) and I have been eager to make it for a few days.

My son is starting to read, but still I ear him something like: a-i-Idon'tknowwhat-Idon'tknowwhat-o-Idon'tknowwhat-Idon'tknowwhat, and I really think this will help and even more because he's in them.

Today we went for our food to the farmer's market (and super market) and I got some unusual foods for this, such as kiwi, yuca, and ñoquis (I don't know the name for this in English, they are a potato pasta balls).


The main critera for the choosing of things was that there will be familiar thing for him, so when I got to W I was in trouble, this letter is particular of anglo language, so we don't really have Spanish words with it, so I was between Wagner, Whisky and Wall-e, and as much as I dislike that last one It was the one he knew, so oh well.


Have about you, would you like to join me?

*Update, I'm almost done, would you be interested on them? I could print some extra and put them on my Etsy, they are in Spanish.


{this moment}

A Friday ritual, one picture, no words, inspired by SouleMama.

Mi ayudante


I have been knitting a lot these days.


Most of it to sell, at the farmer's market I work on Saturdays or in my Etsy shop. There is some leg warmer for myself, some for baby, and also baby socks.

Calcetín de bebé

I have been wanting to make some knitting project bags, and I finally did with this cute fabric, but they are too small, for projects with double point needles it's necessary that they will fir horizontally or they will be coming out of the stitches all the time, well, live and learn.

Calentadores de bebé

{this moment}

A Friday ritual, one picture, no words, inspired by SouleMama

Rompecabezas de la Mona Lisa


Knitting togheter

I learn to knit when I was a kid, but it wasn't until I become a mom that it turns in such a great interest and delight.

In the trip some friends have join and I have teach them what I know and we have enjoy coffee-tea afternoons knitting.

I have learn a lot from the internet, from blogs, Ravelry (of course), and Molly's Sketchbook from Purl Bee. I know more knitting termilogy in English than in Spanish, and I have notice that there is lees information in our language.

So in an effort to encourage new knitters who don't read in English I founded a little knitting group called Tejiendo Juntos, Knitting toghether.
*In Spanish we use the same word for knitting and crocheting.

I ask which project they wanted to start with, and a wool diaper cover was chosen (maybe some of my readers are moms? haha), so we followed the Ottobre pattern

So it's very informal, I'm a begginer and left handed, but we are having fun.

You can see the page here, the Ravelry group here, and some of the participant posts here and here.


Fast food :: Fast party


I really like to have the two versions of my blog, in Spanish and English, but it's taking me forever to write in both languages, so I decided to try something different and make audio posts in English, my English is not excellent (written or spoken), but this way it's easier, so let me know if you like it, thanks. 

  Fast food :: Fast party by nahuatlv

The knitting picture it's here because I knit and knit ta the party, I got the yarn here.

Molly's Sketchbook: Little Boy's Tie 



{this moment}

A Friday ritual, one picture, no words, inspired by SouleMama



Costa Rican Seasons

In this part of the world the seasons are very different from the north hemisphere ones.

Mainly we have rainy and not rainy. The first will called Summer and goes from December to May, and the second it's Winter, from May to December. It rains a lot, it may start at 11am, or at 8am, like today and it won't stop completely during the whole day.

It's a little bit difficult to live it, but all that water it's what gives this country lots of flora, fauna and helps in producing lots of food, and also there is enough water for every one all year.


Usually rain will start after the Easter's full moon, it was delay a couple of weeks this years, but today is definitely here.


Art exhibition

La merienda

Itzcóatl attends an art class, its beautiful and enriches him, he loves it, they have a snack in the middle of the class that he loves particulary.

Exposición de arte

Each week they produce some artwork, each has its history, and I love all of them and treasure them, but sometimes I have no where or how exhibit or at least keep them, especially those that are sculptural.

Exposición de arte

I finally found a solution for them, exposing the hinge of the exterior window, even when they are outside of the house, no one will take them, and is a pleasure watching them since we arrived and as we  enter our home, it's like a welcome.

 Exposición de arte