Make you own alphabet flash cards (by nonchalantmom)

The other I found this tutorial via Wee Gallery blog (have you seen her beautiful baby cards and wall decals?) and I have been eager to make it for a few days.

My son is starting to read, but still I ear him something like: a-i-Idon'tknowwhat-Idon'tknowwhat-o-Idon'tknowwhat-Idon'tknowwhat, and I really think this will help and even more because he's in them.

Today we went for our food to the farmer's market (and super market) and I got some unusual foods for this, such as kiwi, yuca, and ñoquis (I don't know the name for this in English, they are a potato pasta balls).


The main critera for the choosing of things was that there will be familiar thing for him, so when I got to W I was in trouble, this letter is particular of anglo language, so we don't really have Spanish words with it, so I was between Wagner, Whisky and Wall-e, and as much as I dislike that last one It was the one he knew, so oh well.


Have about you, would you like to join me?

*Update, I'm almost done, would you be interested on them? I could print some extra and put them on my Etsy, they are in Spanish.

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KD said...

Those are very cool! What a great idea :)

And the potato things...gnocchi