Gay Pride March, Picasso and Robert Doisneau

I give three classes on Saturdays moorning, jumping and excersising with pregnant women, and babies, so usually by noon I'm tired and falling sleep, sometimes I do, but whenever I found the streng to keep going I go out with my boy, since Sundays is a dya of classes (he has guitar and chess) and that makes me feel like we never have free time to do things together.

So last Saturday I head to downtown not having a plan. As we pass in front of our National Theater, Bellas Artes, we got a free ticket to go to the exhibition and so we did.

We saw originals from Robert Doisneau printed by himself, a great documentary on the time the photographer David Douglas Duncan expent with Picasso and some very original work from the painter, such as metal and clay ones.

And also, the Gay Pride March was passing in front and we watch a little, but the sun was too shiny and my eyes could not bare it too long. 

I leave you with not very good cell phone photos, since I didn't had my camera with me.


Yarn Along :: Andrea's Shawl and Little Men

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wednesday or to the flickr group any day.
I started to work on this shawl for a very dear second cousin who has the role of my gran, since my real one died long before I was born, but she, Mina, knew her very well, and I love to hear about how much I am like her, my gran, Caridad.

Mina is the most interesting old lady I have ever meet, and at the same time is the one who makes me feel I have a connection with my family, since I'm very different from the rest.

So I decides to make this shawl for her last year for her 85 birthday. She needs to take good care of her lungs because I think she has a problem with them, so she never goes out of her house in the afternoon. But apart from this she is very active and independent, full of knowledge and always learning some new craft.

Since she live in Costa Rica, which is very humid and can get cold in the afternoons, but at the same time is tropical, I thought that a combination of wool and cotton would be warm and fresh at the same time, I'm using Sinfonía and Dolly.

I have left it abandoned for quite a while, but I hope to finish it soon and send it to her by mail, the pattern is Andrea's Shawl by Kirsten Kapur.

I'm reading Little Men and loving it, I wish I have the full set of books by Louise May Alcott starting with Little Woman (which I have reed several times), because I love the feeling I get from them, I guess I'm super old fashioned.

I think that if I get some time this week I'll watch this one with my boy.


Crafting On :: A baby on the way

I'm joining Nicole today on Keep Calm, Craft On, you can visit her here.

Not mine, but from one of my students.

I teach a class of birth preparation, pregnant exercise and in uterus stimulation all in one, and one of the couples is close to their due date, and so I made this for thier little girl, María Renata, I hope they like it.

It's a little bag and 4 flannel blankets.

Too bad the light at night is so bad.


Happy Birthday to me

It was today.

Nice and quiet.

With a gluten-free chocolate cake.

I left you with a tip: do not place candles on a cake you just took out of the over if you don't want to expend half an hour peaking through it trying to get rid of melted candles inside of it.


Swim Caps, Swim Caps, Swim Caps

I expend the night doing swim caps, I only made the adult sizes but I already cut the kid ones, so I hope to finish them soon.

Of course you get them at the shop.


My Son, the actor

Today we went to see the play my son was presenting as the end of his second semester on a Theater course. He loves it and was to continue for many semesters to come, and the first time I sign up him I knew it was just the right ting. but somehow it makes me feel strange, specially when he says he wants to take professionally when he will grow up.

My University career is on Theater and Dramatic Literature, acting actually, even when I also direct, light, design and made costume, but I leave all of that when I had him, because acting is too time consuming to be the kind of parent I wanted to be, and considering that I'm a single mom.

Anyway, we loved to see him play, and he got a good role too, not that I would like to grew on him that kind of expectations, as to be the leading role or something, but just on his second semester he was a lot on stage and had a lot of lines, which I interpret as the teacher trusting him, and that makes feel proud. An even more because the week prior to the show we were too busy and I was not almost not able to study with him but he manage to take care of it himself, and that also speaks about how much he is growing up and his maturity, which I like and scares me at the same time.

I hope to be able to upload the movie of the play, I'll update if so.


Hobbit Messenger Bags

Last night I stayed up late working. I had been waiting for so long to develope some of the ideas I have for the Hobbit party.

I made the the cloaks, I'll describe them in another post and also the messenger bags I want to give the kids. In Mexico people use to give plastic thematic bags with candy at the end of the party to take away, also they sometimes give plastic bags for the traditional piñata. I rather give the bags at the beggining of the party I like to give thing that encourage imaginative play and very little candy if ever. Also I think that if I give them fabric bags they will reuse them and I won't be causing more trash with the party. And since they have te bags from the beggining they cand use them for the piñata and to be part of the play adventure. I don't ususally organize many activities, or at least I don't schedule them.

I will talk abput it in another post, but for now I show you the Hobbit Messenger Bag, with plastic on the cover so they can storage the map, I think this will be a good bag to make nature walks, so you can place the observation guides on the plastic pocket.

The straps have leaves and I add a little detail with mountains and a lake at the back.

I add a spider button, I have some others with birds too, a way to personalize the bags.

I love it and my kid too, now I just need to make another 11.


Botanical garden

We visited it yesterday and it was such a nice discovery.

There is a nice variety to learn from as well as workshops.

People there is very nice, workers and visitors.

My son integrated very well to couple of kids who take care of the turtles, brushing them and putting eye solution in their eyes.

We hope to get back often.

I'm already planning a lot o plant studies there.