This year Harry Potter it is

This year has been very tired, or somehow I have been more tired than ever. O maybe, I'm just starting to be normal, because I always had like an endless flow of energy, but as 2015 kick in I was done.

Whether I homeschooled or worked or studied, but I could bring myself to do all at once as I have been doing for many years.

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Even the so long expected birthday of my son almost caught me empty handed. I have always made his birthdays into big crafty, cooking and artsy productions but this I just could not get around it. Besides I had to celebrated much earlier this year.

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On Friday I stared to feel down, and then spend half Saturday crying alone at home. I'm having a lot of changes on my life and some of them are very welcomed and bring happiness but also confusion as well as  the starting of the puberty of my son. He had requested a Star Wars party but then restarted the reading of Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Secrets, and decided to change the theme at the last minute, the party is in two weeks.

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At first I was stressed about it, but then it turn out that it was just what I needed to get in motion again. And so at the end of the afternoon I started to pin ideas and download printables and such, and when I went to meet Itzcóatl we both were happy and excited. We went to get some materials and stayed up until late doing wands and I started to knit scarves for the kids. I think it's going to be great, even when it only will be a small party.

P.S. I'm sorry I embed my pictures from Instagram, I just having been able to transfer the pics from my phone to the computer.


A day out with mom :: a funny piece, I hope

I was asked to write a funny piece for my English class and here it is.

A day out with mom

It has been a long time since we don’t go out. I’ve been tired and sad, but I owe him, my beautiful son, he deserves a day out.

And so I got the discount tickets a week ago, we will be going out in a little trip to Taxco this Sunday, I’m nervous and excited, and so tired. I tried to get in bed early last night, but I had tons of work as usual. So I only got a few hours of sleep and we have to wake up very early, which is not my thing at all. starting days early, but here we go.

I hear the alarm and I stay for another ten minutes as it would make a great difference. I finally crawl about of bed and get into the shower. I get dress and wake my son up and run to the kitchen to make a breakfast to go. We are almost ready and on time but fifteen minutes later we are no ready yet and now we are late.

The little letters of the tickets said that if you are not at the Angel de la Independencia at 7:00 am sharp the shuttle will leave, waiting for no one. It’s 6:55 and we are in the street and catch a cab. We arrive at the Angel at 7:05. There is at least 6 different tourist buses or shuttles and I start to ask around, people send me from one to another but every driver says that this is not ours. I started to feel very sad and frustrated, I can see the disappointment on my child eyes.

Suddenly one shuttle arrives and some guys on the street start to yell at us, “This is yours!, Get in fast!” We run full of hope. As I talk to the driver he seems confused. But my tickets are valid, so he says that we can get in. The problem is there is no seats available, we will have to sit on the floor all the way to the tollbooth, were we will meet the other shuttle, that should have room for us.

So we accommodate ourselves inside the best we can and smile. As the city passes by trough the windows I can appreciate the light of the morning as it unfolds with his cold breeze. I start to feel drowsy because of the lack of sleep, but I’m feeling so proud of have done it. In the end I’m not such a bad parent. My kid is so happy. We ate our yogurt with granola and have a little chat with the other travelers.

When we reach the border of the city there is a lot of pine trees and a few poor houses. The shuttle parks and call the other driver, that is on it’s way, 10 minutes away. We are aloud to go to the restrooms, so we both go. There are little unpleasant but at least not dirty. As I close the door of mine it hits me.

The whole phone conversation with the travel agency. When I called three days ago. Now I remember that the lady told me that I was confirming my tickets too late, and that all seats were taken, but that we could go next week. I start to feel the blood on my cheeks, we are already on the edge of the city, what are we supposed to do now?, and how I’m going to face the drivers who can’t be blame. I feel so ashamed of accepting my mistake that I just decide to play along my point but to get back to the city.

 So I get back, I insist a little on the fact that my tickets are real, and then I say I understand there has been some kind of mistake, and that it wont be convenient for us to ride all the way to Taxco if there is no seats and no meals paid for us, and that I’ll call the office and fix it on Monday. The drivers explain me how to take a bus back into the city and left with meaningful looks to each other.

My son is more amused at my embarrassment than disappointed by the experience. I make him promise not to tell anyone. And then I take him to a nice place for breakfast and we spend the day out nicely, a family Sunday, you may say.

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