Yarn Along: Socks and Bees

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

I'm so excited to have had cast the second sock (It's my first pair), I had to wait until last Saturday to get the second skein.

Yarn Along

The pattern is Africa's socks, Ravelry notes here.

I just got this beautiful present, The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture the 1947 edition, hardcover with the bee (you can touch it), boy, it has me dreaming.

So what about you?


Night Horror

Have you explored your garden at night?

I did it today, and I'm still sick in my stomach, knowing what this could mean. I don't know what to do. I put a salt barrier from the garden, so they will not come into the house, but it would fade with the rain in two or three days. And I can't put salt on the plants because it would burn them. I tried crushed egg shell barriers, that don't seams to work.

DSCF9763Horror nocturno

Does you have an advice for me? 

They were in all sizes, brown and grey, the biggest should be 3 inches.

I will read to try to find a solution, maybe Fukoka or Jhon Jeavons have write on it, o maybe this book I this book I have.

Escargot anyone?



A Pumpkin grew out of the compost pile, and then flowers start to emerge, but then it seams that something was cutting them, and leaving in the grass, without eating them, I was confused.

Flor macho

Until a friend explained to me, male flowers bloom and fall, and female flowers have the fruit.
Flor hembra

I had learn this in elementary school, I just didn't remember it.

Flor hembra y su fruto

I'm so excited about growing things for the first time, that I go out to the backyard with my camera every morning.

What about you?  What is blooming in your garden?

Have a nice weekend!


Yarn Along

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

I had many planned, but haven't been able to publish them.

Yarn Along 2

After this one, I started my first pair of socks, at least following a pattern, Africa's Socks, here are my Ravelry notes, it is a great challenge for me, I didn't understood many word, but I'm happy to say that I finished the first one. The week Istarted I  Fukuoka book, The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming (New York Review Books Classics), it's about Natural Farming and so much more, I recommend it a lot.

Africa's Socks, mis primeros calcetines

After that I finshed the diaper cover while reading some mystery stories I enjoyed a lot.

Yarn along 3

Now I'm making the Plain Vest, I didn't had number 9 needles and used 10, It's so big that I think it fits well my skinny 5 year old, too bad the colors are all girly, so I will have to find another owner.

Plain Vest by Pickles
¿Chalequito talla 1 año?

I'm not reading much this week, I'm more into movies mood.

I changed the blog a little, hope you like it, and no, that's is not a mistake, in Costa Rica winter is the rainy season, from May to December, and then it comes summer (there is only two seasons), and it's funny, because summer it's the non-rainy time of the year.

Busy, busy

I have been so busy around the garden, I'm sorry, but tomorrow I'll be back here with Yarn Along.

Any ideas on what might be the last picture?

FrijolCalabaza¿Qué será?


{this moment}

A Friday ritual, one picture, no words, inspired by SouleMama. A moment for your week to treasure, just image, no words. If you want you can share yours on comments.

Flor de calabaza


These days


 I have been busy with a new plan of life, that's why I had not post lately.


I finally can for the first time, and succeed.

Lavando platos

I'm trying to make an habit of us washing dishes after very meal, he loves it (the pic it's just one of his funny faces).


This that grew out of the compost pile it's going great, I think it's some kind of pumpkin, it has 43 forming flowers, I'm very excited, I think I could exchange the pumpkins for eggs or fruit at the Farmer's Market I work on.

How about you these days?


Yarn along

I just wanted to join the Yarn Along of small things blog, since right now I'm reading and knitting, not always, but I'm now.

I love to make diaper covers for babies, and I love the Benedict Society books, this is second one, i reed the first on a year ago and I had to wait a lot to read second, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, but now I can't wait to read the third. Besides I'm so excited because they are in Spanish now, so my kid will be able to read them, or me reading to them, is a translation from Spain, which makes a little funny, but still.

Leyendo tejiendo

It's funny that I chosed the book for the illustrator and not for the author, and still was a great choice. The yarn is from Restless Pairie Farm, great yarn, the most soft ever, and organic at a great price, what else could you ask?

So you may join at the Yarn Along link I put at the begining and to the flickr group here, I think it's so much fun.


The proudest mom

Método Suzuki

On Sunday, without expecting anything, I showed Itzcóatl how to read music, not exactly notes, but rithmic and which cord, and finger should he use, of course he had the preparation from almost a year at the Beginers Music class for kids and half of the year on Suzuki's violin method, but still I was so proud and happy to see him read it all in the first try, it's so great I can't believe it.