Yarn along

I just wanted to join the Yarn Along of small things blog, since right now I'm reading and knitting, not always, but I'm now.

I love to make diaper covers for babies, and I love the Benedict Society books, this is second one, i reed the first on a year ago and I had to wait a lot to read second, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, but now I can't wait to read the third. Besides I'm so excited because they are in Spanish now, so my kid will be able to read them, or me reading to them, is a translation from Spain, which makes a little funny, but still.

Leyendo tejiendo

It's funny that I chosed the book for the illustrator and not for the author, and still was a great choice. The yarn is from Restless Pairie Farm, great yarn, the most soft ever, and organic at a great price, what else could you ask?

So you may join at the Yarn Along link I put at the begining and to the flickr group here, I think it's so much fun.

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María Xi said...

Hola ¡Qué lindo el amarillo de esa lana!

Me encantaría aprender a tejer un cobertor para mi hija ¿Tienes algún patrón para principiantes en el tejido?