WIP and recipe

I've been busy, but still there is time to craft, or may I say that I need to craft to get my mind clear?

Here is some.
Pantaloncito para bebé
Pants for new baby who was born on this month.
Calcetins pantuflas para Ali
Socks-slippers for a friend.
Cobijita para bebé en camino
Blanket for baby to be born.
Bolerito para mí
Bolero for me from Hew pattern on Ravelry.
Para hacer pastel
And also, blueberry cake.
I improvised this recipe and made it twice so I was able to improve it, I did love it, this is it.

1 butter stick
1 cup of sugar
2 cups of all-purpose flour
2 eggs
2 little plastic boxes of blueberries
1 teaspoon of baking powder
A sip of vanilla extract
A bit of salt
Extra sugar for sprinkle

Preheat oven on 3 for gas.
Add some flour to the blueberries and stir.
Mix butter with sugar with a fork, add all the rest and mix with the fork.
Grease and flour a pan, put the mix in it and sprinkle the sugar on the top.
Bake for 25-35 minutes.
Panqué de moras azules


Our vaction...

...ends today, what a shame, but it was great.
En el rebozo


My sweet love

Today I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck, the kind of pain that won't let you turn the head (I know there must be a name for that, sorry), but thanks to my sweet sweet love dedication -meaning a complete hour massaging- I was able to smile in the picture and for the rest of the day, instead of having my ear stick to my shoulder and be screaming all day.
So, today, I am grateful for having my son, having my sweet sweet love and his sweet sweet kisses, and for the clear skies of the past days that let us see the beautiful mountains around us.


Papaya slide

We had fun dinner the other day, I made a Papaya slide and the raisins were the kids going up and down.
Resbaladilla de papaya


Master piece

El estuche de mi jarana
I got a jarana a month ago, it's like a little guitar with wich you can play some Mexican Traditional Music (you can see Zach de la Rocha playing it here), and I'm so happy that I HAD to make his case myself, I chosed my cherised Mandarin Chinese Takeout Fat Quarter, wich I felt in love along with my friend Mirak who is my sewing student for whom I made this purse with the same fabric, I just always wanted to use those wooden handles in a project.
Bolsita para Mirak
Back to the case, I want to say that this is the most complicated thing I have sew in my entire life and 12 years of sewing, and even when is not finished, I'm proud.
El estuche de mi jarana
El estuche de mi jarana
I used silk in the border and the quilting was almost my first time and I thing it wasn't so bad.

Also, I wanted to share my old pincushion, I made this when I was 20, back in 2000, using a tuna can and a silk scrap, it didn't turn out so well, since silk is not a good fabric to be pined, but I had used eve since and now I am passing it to Mirak.