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El estuche de mi jarana
I got a jarana a month ago, it's like a little guitar with wich you can play some Mexican Traditional Music (you can see Zach de la Rocha playing it here), and I'm so happy that I HAD to make his case myself, I chosed my cherised Mandarin Chinese Takeout Fat Quarter, wich I felt in love along with my friend Mirak who is my sewing student for whom I made this purse with the same fabric, I just always wanted to use those wooden handles in a project.
Bolsita para Mirak
Back to the case, I want to say that this is the most complicated thing I have sew in my entire life and 12 years of sewing, and even when is not finished, I'm proud.
El estuche de mi jarana
El estuche de mi jarana
I used silk in the border and the quilting was almost my first time and I thing it wasn't so bad.

Also, I wanted to share my old pincushion, I made this when I was 20, back in 2000, using a tuna can and a silk scrap, it didn't turn out so well, since silk is not a good fabric to be pined, but I had used eve since and now I am passing it to Mirak.

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