Nothing goes to waste

We have all sorts of insects that came into the house from the garden.

Among them there are four kinds if ants, and one of them looks scary, with a big jaw, like I would not like to get a bite from them.

I work on the Feria Verde de Aranjuez every week, it's a farmers market were I sell the cloth diapers, baby slings, mentrual pads, and my sewing inspiration.

There is a man who sells there a natural repelent for any kind of bugs, not for the skin but for the house,  the ingredients are mustard, garlic and hot peppers. I have wanted to buy it, but could not, so I decide to try to do it myself.
Repelente de insectos para el hogar
Puré de ajo chile y mostaza
I had the ingredients already at home and so I blendes and then spray them around the house, I didn't work so well on the ants, but maybe it will with other bugs.
Para sembrar
I din't want to trow away the leftovers so I decide to plant them, since there was complete seeds on them.
Muñecos de tierra
We used some cups and milk packages. And dirt from our backyard mixed with cardboard and leaves because it was so much like clay that you could make figures out of it.

So we will wait and see.
Las plantitas