And he liked them

Yes , he did.

Abriendo regalos
Abriendo regalos
Abriendo regalos
Abriendo regalos

I'm still finshing the edge,wich takes a long time because it's by hand.

La colcha

Tomorrow we are leaving to the beach with some family, I'm not in the mood of it.

Have a good end of the year everybody, at least I'm using my camera again instead of the cell phone.


Christmas gifts for my little one

I try to make my boy understand that there might be only one gift under the tree, it was a hard year, so I only bought a Lego board and a little writing board and I could not find the first one,

I love that he is a very simple and happy kid, he gets happy for even a pair of socks, and I don't tell him that anyone is bringing him gifts but the people who loves him, he does not get the idea of asking for something specific neither.

Still, I wanted to give him a gift, but during the day I didn't do anything, he went to bed late, and I was thinking maybe I was not going to make it.

Regalos de navidad para mi peque

But then look at all those gifts, true is, I cheat a lot.

La colcha

All the wrapping is something else, a bag, a pillow cover. 

The quilt was started over a year ago, and the border is not finish yet.

La colcha
La funda elegante

I cut lots of fabric that I bought thinking on him, but then got afraid to use them in a not good enough project, and so they were just waiting.


La bolsa de robot

As I said I did cheat a lot, in the sense that this books were already his, but I had not unpack them from Mexico so he didn't remember them anymore.
The wood letters were mine as well as the Lego.

Las viejas letras
El mundo es una bola de agua y tierra

And I decided to make for him the Earth from here, it was so much fun to sew it.


And now to sleep I go, birds are singing already and light is out and I get this great feeling again, that being mother is so easy, you just listen and love.  And enjoy!


Merry Christmas

I hope will be a nice one for you all.

I decided to stay at home for Christmas and not to assist to any of the big events on my mother's or father's side of the family.

We had fish and spaguetti for dinner, this was the special request from my son, when I gave him the opportunity to choose anything for dinner. 

It was some nice quiet day and dinner by the light of the candles.

Cena navideña

We have been playing and resting, and I create new blog, for selling used books for our Continent. It's Libro Encuentro America.

En el patio
Yesterday we had the last craft and organic produce market Feria Verde of the year (I work there every Saturday), I made lots of stuff to sell, aromatic bags, washable menstrual pads, home made granola...

Almohadillas sanadorasToallas La MilpaGranola casera

Tomorrow my little one will have one present or maybe two, and this one was for myself on my unexperienced quilting try.

Almohadita navideña

I hope you all have a nice day and thank you for reading me.


And the winner is....

Deborah from Homemaker Honey, I will send you a emai.

Thank you all for entering, hope some of you will like to come back.


Lots of Christmas sewing

I have been working on Christmas presents, eco-friendly personalized gift wrap, birthday gifts and baby to come gifts, and we are so close to Christmas that I feel I wont make it. On top of that last night I made lots of bags to organize my merchandise. I have tried different ways to carry all to the craft-produce market on which I work every Saturday, and the best option is a big suitcase, but inside, but I needed to have a bag for everything so I can find and protect things.

So here are some of them, not pretty, maybe, but functional, and to make them for me give me the chance of experimenting with shapes.
Bolsa con ventanaBolsas organizadoras
Bolsas organizadorasBolsas organizadorasBolsas organizadorasBolsas organizadoras

These are some of the bag that can be personalized, that were meant to be eco-friendly gift wrap, but are good for anything.

Envoltura de regalo ecológica

I end up using the top part of my mother's Christmas tree because I didn't had time to make my own.


I'm also using some fabric scraps to make a rug, I had to admit I got inspired by  Sew Liberated, but I had this cord from slings, so I was just trying to figure out how to use them, love the colors, which incidentally, look like Christmas.

Tapete en proceso

On Saturday we helped my mother to light the tree that she and my sister plant in front of the house many years ago, when it was just a tiny branch, look how big it grew.

Poniendo las luces

At last I wanted to share my birth scene made on 2003, and my tree from 2007.

Árbol de navidad 2007
Nacimiento extraño

And here is the Baby Jesus.

Niño Jesús




Today is Decemeber 12th, so I'm so close to Christmas that I have to sew non stop for the next days. And I want everything hand made, so I guess some will be late, specially the ones going to Mexico.


But it's not big stress at all, I thing they will be finish when they will, and I just love making them, like this beautiful bunnies, I took the pattern from this lovely site, it works so well, I always made them with fabric scraps, all knit, but I think they will look pretty on any kind of fabric. Also there was a Waldorf ring for the girl's little brother, I got the idea from Creative Play for Your Toddler: Steiner Waldorf Expertise and Toy Projects for 2 - 4s.
This ones are for a Birthday girl, a male friend of Itzcoatl (my son), and for him, all with their carry around backpacks.

Para bebé Zumbado

Also, last night I knit this pretty bootie for my cousin's baby, she just found out she's pregnant, I love Purl Bee tutorials, here is the bootie one.

Con amigos


Giveaway Day

I'm so excited to participate on the Giveaway Day that the fantastic blog and store, Sew, Mama, Sew is organizing. This means that many blogs will have giveaways on handcrafted items, visit Sew, Mama, Sew blog, to see all the links.

I hope to find some new friends.

Bolsita de bicicletas

I'm giving away a nice snack bag with hand printed bikes on it filled with some Costa Rican coffee, and a coordinating fabric napkin, and maybe something else, I will tell you tomorrow.

You have until December 17th morning, when I will close the comments and pick a winner using Random.org to get a number. The idea of this snack bags came from wanting to send my kid lunch for Kindergarten but without using plastic, an so I start to make them (you can find them in my store).

Everybody can enter, because I will ship internationally.

To enter just leave a comment, one per person, please.


Yoga in the backyard

I had my yoga class in my backyard, it was so nice, my teacher rocks.

I'm so tired, not wanting to do anything at all.

I finally found the eco-solution to the Christmas tree, but I don't know if I will finish it on time.

How are these days going on for you?


More small gifts

As I said earlier, in Costa Rica the end of the year and the end of the school year are both in December, and so, gifts for classmates were in order, but they were 30, so I had to keep it simple. I made them necklaces with my hand printed fabric.

Collares para los compañeros

And fabric flowers for the teachers.

Flores para las maestras
Flores para las maestras

They gave him a little present and the candy cane was introduced by the very first time with great success.

Un bastón de azúcar, por primera vez

On Sunday we had the school presentation. I didn't liked it, because it was very long (90 minutes) and I felt the kids were exposed justto take a picture of them. Still I love my little one of course.

Mi amorcito

The whole experience made me think again that I rather unschool, but still don't know how, the main issue is that there is not enough activities for kids were we live and he has no siblings, so he wishes to go to school, even when there are kids that are mean and teachers are do doing about it, even when it is a Montessori.