Christmas gifts for my little one

I try to make my boy understand that there might be only one gift under the tree, it was a hard year, so I only bought a Lego board and a little writing board and I could not find the first one,

I love that he is a very simple and happy kid, he gets happy for even a pair of socks, and I don't tell him that anyone is bringing him gifts but the people who loves him, he does not get the idea of asking for something specific neither.

Still, I wanted to give him a gift, but during the day I didn't do anything, he went to bed late, and I was thinking maybe I was not going to make it.

Regalos de navidad para mi peque

But then look at all those gifts, true is, I cheat a lot.

La colcha

All the wrapping is something else, a bag, a pillow cover. 

The quilt was started over a year ago, and the border is not finish yet.

La colcha
La funda elegante

I cut lots of fabric that I bought thinking on him, but then got afraid to use them in a not good enough project, and so they were just waiting.


La bolsa de robot

As I said I did cheat a lot, in the sense that this books were already his, but I had not unpack them from Mexico so he didn't remember them anymore.
The wood letters were mine as well as the Lego.

Las viejas letras
El mundo es una bola de agua y tierra

And I decided to make for him the Earth from here, it was so much fun to sew it.


And now to sleep I go, birds are singing already and light is out and I get this great feeling again, that being mother is so easy, you just listen and love.  And enjoy!

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Annie said...

You are a very good mother. What nice presents. Your little boy looks like a sweet kid.