More small gifts

As I said earlier, in Costa Rica the end of the year and the end of the school year are both in December, and so, gifts for classmates were in order, but they were 30, so I had to keep it simple. I made them necklaces with my hand printed fabric.

Collares para los compañeros

And fabric flowers for the teachers.

Flores para las maestras
Flores para las maestras

They gave him a little present and the candy cane was introduced by the very first time with great success.

Un bastón de azúcar, por primera vez

On Sunday we had the school presentation. I didn't liked it, because it was very long (90 minutes) and I felt the kids were exposed justto take a picture of them. Still I love my little one of course.

Mi amorcito

The whole experience made me think again that I rather unschool, but still don't know how, the main issue is that there is not enough activities for kids were we live and he has no siblings, so he wishes to go to school, even when there are kids that are mean and teachers are do doing about it, even when it is a Montessori.

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Lovely World said...

Schooling is such an ongoing issue. My children seem to be doing well in our little public school, but I always keep an eye on the social climate there. I love the flowers you made. What a clever idea. Maribeth