Slowing down (a very long post)

I'm on those days of my women cycle when I really need to slow down.

My car broke, the rain starts at sunrise and hasn't stop and I'm tired, so we stay at home today, such a nice feeling of home rhythm.

On days like this I feel lucky of just having one son, and one so independent, responsible and comprehensive, who would let me nap in the middle of the afternoon and would be safe.

Along with a cold weather, knitting and crocheting mood came back, and so I got back to Hew, and started this beautiful acorn. It's the first time I decide to try to follow a crochet pattern, which has always scare me a bit. It's going well.


I would say one of the most important things when working on the round is to know exactly which was your first stitch, so I just put a contrasting yarn on it, changing it every round.

Crochet 1

Then, when I came to a part were all rounds are the same, I just leave it there and make knots to count the rounds.

Crochet 2

I'm designing an art supplies wall (similar to the kitchen wall) for my son, I think is so important for him to have access to all of it, in a organized way and to be able to see everything at once. There is also a music wall were I will placed copies of the moment favorites, so he will be able to play them himself and get in the mood of choice.

Pared del arte

This is how our stars came.


I peeled the coffee beans today and I'm waiting for them to dry so I can toast them.

Granos de café pelados

I was so proud today when we were reading a story and he said, how cold be written CUIDADO in here if there is no O?

I feel a little scare when it rains and rains without stop, because I have seen the disasters that may cause. And the nearest river is not really far.

I forgot to share with you this bingo bag I made, it has work wonders on waiting places.

Lotería 1Lotería 2

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Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

Beautiful post, honest & straight from the heart. Thank you for sharing it. Sending you strong warm rays of light to fill your day with sunshine & peace. Katie x