Freedom, and still stuck with Pebble vest

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

I have almost made no progress on the vest, I have some kind of block, but I'm reading a lot, I got the Indiespensble box of wonder from Powell's a few months ago, and the first one I loved (The particular sadness of lemon cake), and the next I had not touched until last week when I got into Feedom, by Jonathan Franzer, and I just can put it down, I recommend it a lot.


How about you?


The Rhythm of our home, or the lack of it

Duende ratón

I like to read Nicole's blog, Frontier Dreams, and when she suggested we all write about this subject I was all excited, thinking about all the things I had to say about it. And then nothing. Because the most I wanted to say something about it, the more I felt so bad about it. The thing is that I feel our life it's just so stressful and crazy that I feel really guilty, except..., well except for the days when I allow him to stay home and skip school, those are our favorite days. And I also feel I have to hide that from everyone, or I'll be criticized and the Government will try to take my kid away from me (in this country is completely against the law to homeschool). And then I will make him go back to school, and he will be okay after that and seams happy.


But last week he get off 3 days in a row, and funny things start to happen. The first day we just play (and I felt a little guilty, but how can that be bad for a 5 year old, or any kid?), the second day he went to his art wall and decide he wanted to do all, cut, write, draw, glue, and so we did, and he didn't need me to be there at all times, just help him a little, explain the task and then leave him to do it. At night he didn't wanted to go to bed before finishing his whole book on pencil practice.

Finally, on Thursday, after art class, the teacher was amaze at how well he had worked and how focused and calm he was, and asked if any had happened, I explain her and we both look at each other with significant stares. His art that day was great, in performance and concept.

Trabajando de noche

So I'm finally getting brave enough to do it, I just order our Calvert program (so we can get certificate of compliance in case legal problems arise),  and I'm picking up any bit of strength in my body to stand up for our choice when all the critics will arrive (and they will), but I'm sure now, I can see clearly and know everything will be all right. And I can spoke away the Ritalin ghost, that has been surrounding every time a teacher implies he might be Autistic, Asperger, or TDAH. He is just a bright boy, who can't be good at everything  that 5 years old are suppose to be, because is just a human being. and yes, All you need is love, and for me a lot of courage, a lot of it.



Yarn Along

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

I'm stuck at the end of the vest, I made a few mistakes and now I can't move forward. Those buttons have been with me since the winter of 98 when I went to work to Sun Valley resort, I hope to get back some day, as a guest, to show my kid the snow and to ski.

I loved the last book of the Benedict Society, it took me about 2 days, I just could not put down, and eve drop a tear.

Yarn along

What about you?


Here comes the sun

Sometimes I have moments of mental clarity.

I do not want to escape the feeling of the end of the day today.

Calm and certainty.

I want to make the most of the moments of mental clarity that I can find in my day, when I know perfectly well what is the plan and how to follow it.

Why we often lose the direction?

Ever have stayed up all night and then go to watch the sunrise?

That used to gave me this feeling, today it was sing to my little one, the same as when he was a baby cooing, and knowledge, where we're going to and why it is the best way of doing things for us.

I am at peace.


Yarn Along: Pebble vest

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

 Today I'm about to finish Pebble vest I found it very easy and enjoyable, I'm using Red Heart Eco-Cotton Yarn: Midnight Marl

Yarn Along

I also red, Maten al leon, by Jorge Ibargüengoitia which is incredibly good as all of his books we also got Harry Potter from the public library, and we are reading it slowly, since I make drawing for each chapter.

What abou you?


{this moment}

A Friday ritual, one picture, no words, inspired by SouleMama. A moment for your week to treasure, just image, no words. If you want you can share yours on comments.



More on the garden

Flor de calabaza hembra

I'm a little single-minded lately, sorry, only knit and garden, but that's how it's all for now.
Last night I read
Anne of Green Gables total kitsch, but I liked as well read as I folded a mountain of clothes that threatened to devour me.
Not all  pumpkin were fertilized, even with the many wasps, but this is beautiful.
There are many bean pods green, purple and green with purple spots.
Corn grows and grows.
Also the first pod of peas and bean sprouts, garbanzo and fava beans are doing well.

The lettuce is a little rickety but at least not die has not been attacked by slugs.

he beer ran against slugs (thanks to all), but I have to repeat it several nights, last night was very tired.


I finished another wool diaper cover today, I hope soon to have them in my other store.