Yarn Along, a juicy sweater

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.


I'm amazed on how much knitting I'm doing this days. I continue to knit for my baby's friend who will be born on September or something like that. I wish I have had knit this much for my own son, but five years ago I didn't knew almost anything about knitting. But I think he start that interest for me, I got my first knitting book when I was pregnant and went to a circus festival in San Miguel Allende

Mi primer suéter

The first thing I knitted was a sweater for my baby.


Now I'm working on this sweater, inspired by our orange-mandarin breakfast juices. Love the yarn, so soft, is Premier Yarns Merit.

This week I'm not reading at all, since my father is moving in, so I have a lot of organizing to do.

New skill

I'm happier and happier every day for homeschooling. Now we are making graphs, is so much fun.



Cleaning and organizing

The other day I was reading on Rachel's blog the idea of making lists for every room  to organize.

I have never been a big fan of lists, I always feel they are hunting me. but recently is working for me.

Nuevo interés

One of our improvements was in the "Library", which actually is just a mat in the laving room surrounded by book shelves. I added a cart (a produce box), were the books that have been seen have to go, so they wont be around and I can take them back to their place, I have them organized by subject, size or kind.


So far is working good.

These days I have work on the house, homescholing and violin practice no stop and I still feel that I don't get anything done. I fell a little frustrated, sometimes is just too much, and I feel is because I'm a single mom, I don't feel homeschooling, cleaning, housekeeping, and being a mom is too much, is the money making that feels like a weight on me.

Oh. well. I will carry on.


Goodbye breakfast


Last Sunday we had a family breakfast at home because my little sister is leaving to Germany to study.


I made fruit, coffee and quiche.


Itzcóatl made her a goodbye sign.


¡Bon voyage, we miss you already!



We went for one the other day, it was fun.

Corte de pelo


Corte de pelo


Mi adorado hermoso

Something else I wanted to share is that my sweet little boy comes to me some nights and asks to put on sleepers, so you can rest mama, he says, isn't super sweet?


Loosing points

The other we were working in one of our homeschool activities. Sometimes I said to Itzcóatl that I will be sending that practice so he won't play around doing crazy things as super small letters or anything like that.

ATS, evaluaciones de escuela en casa

And so I did, ant this time I saw so much concern in his face, he was seriously worry, so I asked him what was happening, and he said: I don't want to start loosing points. I asked to learn how he got that idea (from another family who's kid goes a regular school) and then explian him that won't happen to him, that the only thing that would happen if makes a mistake is that the teacher was going to advise us to study that.

He was so relief and back to happy mood.


But this got me thinking on how this is for other kids, I felt sad, and at the same time happier, with the choice we made.


Our Valentine Day

Corazón de amor

I have never celebrate, because is not part of our Mexican traditions.

But this year a decided it was fine, and having a lovely and caring boy, the idea of making love cards was celebrated.

I was inspired by this and so I made him one like that and he made one for his grandparent.

Valentines Day

He made one for me that says I love very much, and Made by Itzcóatl, inside.

I made 3 pans of lasagna and give away two, one for my father and one for Itzcóatl's violin teacher who is a little ill.


Yarn Along, tiny wasabi pants for baby.

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

I'm still on the baby knitting for this baby to come, I'm making Ze tiny pants, my notes here

Yarn Along 18

I had to make modifications that I will post soon.

On the reading front I'm still on Little Women.

Thank you for visiting!


Staurday afternoon

Papalote dominguero

I have wanted to much to make a kite with Itzcóatl but have not found time. So I'm grateful for grand parents here, who have the time.

Papalote dominguero

This was last Saturday, it was very nice.

How about your weekend?.


Mexico Tales :: Friends


After all, the best of the trip was the love, the unconditional love of my friends, and my friends families, that are my own, no matter how I am, the won't stop loving and supporting us..

Thank you, Alicia, Erandi, Citlali, Lu, Vale, Ernesto, Karim, Chela, Nora, Sandro, Yarim, Sra. Isabel, Paola, Carlos, Ana, Leti, Ime, Lilia, Doña Eva, Felipe, Analyn, David, Valentina, María José, Mode, Wendy, Iván, Silvia, Alonso and more..

010120125188010120125190Viendo la pista de hieloLos RAmigosDesayuno despedidaDesayuno de despedida


Mexico tales: The MIX

I had promess the Papalote, Kid's Museum from Mexico city to Itzcóatl. But instead we went the Museo Interactivo de Xalapa and it was a great experience. A very similar museum, with Science, Music and History interactive games.


And of course, the most wanted for him, bubbles.


Yom muy chicha, me fui a subir a la cama de clavos para mostrarle a Itzcóatl cómo no pasa nada y descubrí que después de haberlo hecho muchas veces en el museo del niño, no es lo mismo si estas tenso, resulta que así sí duelen los clavitos y mi lección de valentía no salió tan bien como esperaba.

Pero en general la visita fue muy bonita y la disfrutamos mucho los dos.

Yarn Along, waiting for a baby

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wed. or to the flickr group any day.

Yarn Along

I'm all girly these days, reading Little Women and knitting for baby's friend to be born. Next I'm thinking on make this pants.

Mexico tales: The Zoo

It was nice, even we get a little sad for the animals at the same time. I found it amazing that Itzcóatl (now 5), remembered his last visit from 2 years ago.

Con el panda
Zoo ilógico

Also there was many Mazahua people, I love to hear them speaking their own language.

Zoo ilógicoZoo ilógico

We used to go to the zoo when something was wrong, as a way to clean up and start again as family, he and me.

I only had my cell phone, so I leave you with pictures from a previous visit.

Zoológico de ChapultepecOsoVenaditos mexicanos


Mexico tales: Some gifts

My course in Xalapa, Veracruz, was possible only because of the work of promotion of Yarim and her kind hospitality, so some little gifts were in order. I made her a pouch, a bag for her mother and a martian puppet designed by my son for her kid.



New Year in the northern highlands of Puebla

We went to my step father's town for New Years eve. It a very small town, food was great, we had hand made fresh tortillas every day, among other things.

They grow coffee over there.


The New Years Eve was very nice with many family members and Huapango life music and dance all night up to 8 am.


Itzcóatl enjoy playing with the kids and looking at the chicks.


I liked to go to the farmer's market on Sunday.