Loosing points

The other we were working in one of our homeschool activities. Sometimes I said to Itzcóatl that I will be sending that practice so he won't play around doing crazy things as super small letters or anything like that.

ATS, evaluaciones de escuela en casa

And so I did, ant this time I saw so much concern in his face, he was seriously worry, so I asked him what was happening, and he said: I don't want to start loosing points. I asked to learn how he got that idea (from another family who's kid goes a regular school) and then explian him that won't happen to him, that the only thing that would happen if makes a mistake is that the teacher was going to advise us to study that.

He was so relief and back to happy mood.


But this got me thinking on how this is for other kids, I felt sad, and at the same time happier, with the choice we made.


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