Cleaning and organizing

The other day I was reading on Rachel's blog the idea of making lists for every room  to organize.

I have never been a big fan of lists, I always feel they are hunting me. but recently is working for me.

Nuevo interés

One of our improvements was in the "Library", which actually is just a mat in the laving room surrounded by book shelves. I added a cart (a produce box), were the books that have been seen have to go, so they wont be around and I can take them back to their place, I have them organized by subject, size or kind.


So far is working good.

These days I have work on the house, homescholing and violin practice no stop and I still feel that I don't get anything done. I fell a little frustrated, sometimes is just too much, and I feel is because I'm a single mom, I don't feel homeschooling, cleaning, housekeeping, and being a mom is too much, is the money making that feels like a weight on me.

Oh. well. I will carry on.

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