Nico's Cat Mittens, a pattern

 These are more like general instructions than a pattern but I hope you’ll like it.

They were Birthday gift for a boy that lives in U.S. and was just visiting Costa Rica, they can’t carry much stuff, so I thought this will be a good and light gift for the coming winter.

These are similar to other  pair of cat mittens I saw in  Ravelry, but are made different.

Size: 5-6 year old.

Yarn: Less than 100gr of Aran / 10 ply

Needles: US 3 - 3.25 mm double pointed

Mitones gatito


CO32 join to work on the round.
18 rows of k1, p1.

knit 3, m1, knit to end to 3 from end, m1 and k3.
k 2 rows and repeat all 2 more times, on the last row cast off 3 st.

Cast off 3 st at the beginning of row.

Next row CO 3 at the beginning of row, and 3 at the end of the row.

Then I knit 3, k2tog, k until 5 from end k2tog, k 3. Repeat 2 more rows.

k 22 rows.

Ears: k2tg, k2, k2tog, turn work and repeat
k 2 rounds
k2tog, k2tog, turn work and repeat
k 2 rounds
k2tog, turn work and repeat
close and weave in end.

Then closed the head gap by knitting 1 stitch from each side together and then casting off as you go until you have 6 st left in front and 6 on the back so you can procede to make the second ear the same way than the first one.

Pick up 12 st (6 on each side of the gap) in the thumb and join to work on the round k 15 rows alternating colors. Then k2tog, k 2, k2tog, k2tog, k2, k2tog

Close with kitchener stich.

Make a chain cord for each, so they can tie them and adjust to a growing kid.

Guantecitos de gato para Nico

Made by Nahuatl Vargas