Lots of Christmas sewing

I have been working on Christmas presents, eco-friendly personalized gift wrap, birthday gifts and baby to come gifts, and we are so close to Christmas that I feel I wont make it. On top of that last night I made lots of bags to organize my merchandise. I have tried different ways to carry all to the craft-produce market on which I work every Saturday, and the best option is a big suitcase, but inside, but I needed to have a bag for everything so I can find and protect things.

So here are some of them, not pretty, maybe, but functional, and to make them for me give me the chance of experimenting with shapes.
Bolsa con ventanaBolsas organizadoras
Bolsas organizadorasBolsas organizadorasBolsas organizadorasBolsas organizadoras

These are some of the bag that can be personalized, that were meant to be eco-friendly gift wrap, but are good for anything.

Envoltura de regalo ecológica

I end up using the top part of my mother's Christmas tree because I didn't had time to make my own.


I'm also using some fabric scraps to make a rug, I had to admit I got inspired by  Sew Liberated, but I had this cord from slings, so I was just trying to figure out how to use them, love the colors, which incidentally, look like Christmas.

Tapete en proceso

On Saturday we helped my mother to light the tree that she and my sister plant in front of the house many years ago, when it was just a tiny branch, look how big it grew.

Poniendo las luces

At last I wanted to share my birth scene made on 2003, and my tree from 2007.

Árbol de navidad 2007
Nacimiento extraño

And here is the Baby Jesus.

Niño Jesús

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