Merry Christmas

I hope will be a nice one for you all.

I decided to stay at home for Christmas and not to assist to any of the big events on my mother's or father's side of the family.

We had fish and spaguetti for dinner, this was the special request from my son, when I gave him the opportunity to choose anything for dinner. 

It was some nice quiet day and dinner by the light of the candles.

Cena navideña

We have been playing and resting, and I create new blog, for selling used books for our Continent. It's Libro Encuentro America.

En el patio
Yesterday we had the last craft and organic produce market Feria Verde of the year (I work there every Saturday), I made lots of stuff to sell, aromatic bags, washable menstrual pads, home made granola...

Almohadillas sanadorasToallas La MilpaGranola casera

Tomorrow my little one will have one present or maybe two, and this one was for myself on my unexperienced quilting try.

Almohadita navideña

I hope you all have a nice day and thank you for reading me.

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