Galletas de chocolate
I'm also have been cooking, I have not been put off all year Living magazine I bought last December planning to do all the recipes (at least the sweet ones, hehe), had already outlined the sweet oranges
here, but now I want to tell you about the thumb print of cookies wich are delicious, there are in two versions, lemon and chocolate.
Galletas de chocolate
Both are rich but chocolate is a danger, you feel that you are going to a diabetic coma, but can not stop, the filling is smooth and chocolate, well, the original recipes in English are here and here.

Next I'll go with espresso cookies, crackers, muffins cardamom and anise what will happen first?

On the other hand I'm very excited because we already have several participants to exchange Christmas from several parts of the world.

I am preparing my package for my partner from the Sew Liberated exchange, is a woman from Australia, I will make a simple tree sewing and embroidery, I'll send her my recipe Fruit Cake (whether that is not very original but is very rich and it is our family recipe) and am still a little lost in our family tradition. I also want to make an apron, because she likes cooking and perhaps include a copy of her Christmas album Vos en Punto, which is very Mexican and pretty good, too. If you want to include something extra in your packages you can, but is not mandatory.

I promise pictures soon.

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