Hobbit Messenger Bags

Last night I stayed up late working. I had been waiting for so long to develope some of the ideas I have for the Hobbit party.

I made the the cloaks, I'll describe them in another post and also the messenger bags I want to give the kids. In Mexico people use to give plastic thematic bags with candy at the end of the party to take away, also they sometimes give plastic bags for the traditional piñata. I rather give the bags at the beggining of the party I like to give thing that encourage imaginative play and very little candy if ever. Also I think that if I give them fabric bags they will reuse them and I won't be causing more trash with the party. And since they have te bags from the beggining they cand use them for the piñata and to be part of the play adventure. I don't ususally organize many activities, or at least I don't schedule them.

I will talk abput it in another post, but for now I show you the Hobbit Messenger Bag, with plastic on the cover so they can storage the map, I think this will be a good bag to make nature walks, so you can place the observation guides on the plastic pocket.

The straps have leaves and I add a little detail with mountains and a lake at the back.

I add a spider button, I have some others with birds too, a way to personalize the bags.

I love it and my kid too, now I just need to make another 11.

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