My Son, the actor

Today we went to see the play my son was presenting as the end of his second semester on a Theater course. He loves it and was to continue for many semesters to come, and the first time I sign up him I knew it was just the right ting. but somehow it makes me feel strange, specially when he says he wants to take professionally when he will grow up.

My University career is on Theater and Dramatic Literature, acting actually, even when I also direct, light, design and made costume, but I leave all of that when I had him, because acting is too time consuming to be the kind of parent I wanted to be, and considering that I'm a single mom.

Anyway, we loved to see him play, and he got a good role too, not that I would like to grew on him that kind of expectations, as to be the leading role or something, but just on his second semester he was a lot on stage and had a lot of lines, which I interpret as the teacher trusting him, and that makes feel proud. An even more because the week prior to the show we were too busy and I was not almost not able to study with him but he manage to take care of it himself, and that also speaks about how much he is growing up and his maturity, which I like and scares me at the same time.

I hope to be able to upload the movie of the play, I'll update if so.

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