Gay Pride March, Picasso and Robert Doisneau

I give three classes on Saturdays moorning, jumping and excersising with pregnant women, and babies, so usually by noon I'm tired and falling sleep, sometimes I do, but whenever I found the streng to keep going I go out with my boy, since Sundays is a dya of classes (he has guitar and chess) and that makes me feel like we never have free time to do things together.

So last Saturday I head to downtown not having a plan. As we pass in front of our National Theater, Bellas Artes, we got a free ticket to go to the exhibition and so we did.

We saw originals from Robert Doisneau printed by himself, a great documentary on the time the photographer David Douglas Duncan expent with Picasso and some very original work from the painter, such as metal and clay ones.

And also, the Gay Pride March was passing in front and we watch a little, but the sun was too shiny and my eyes could not bare it too long. 

I leave you with not very good cell phone photos, since I didn't had my camera with me.

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