Yarn Along :: Andrea's Shawl and Little Men

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I started to work on this shawl for a very dear second cousin who has the role of my gran, since my real one died long before I was born, but she, Mina, knew her very well, and I love to hear about how much I am like her, my gran, Caridad.

Mina is the most interesting old lady I have ever meet, and at the same time is the one who makes me feel I have a connection with my family, since I'm very different from the rest.

So I decides to make this shawl for her last year for her 85 birthday. She needs to take good care of her lungs because I think she has a problem with them, so she never goes out of her house in the afternoon. But apart from this she is very active and independent, full of knowledge and always learning some new craft.

Since she live in Costa Rica, which is very humid and can get cold in the afternoons, but at the same time is tropical, I thought that a combination of wool and cotton would be warm and fresh at the same time, I'm using Sinfonía and Dolly.

I have left it abandoned for quite a while, but I hope to finish it soon and send it to her by mail, the pattern is Andrea's Shawl by Kirsten Kapur.

I'm reading Little Men and loving it, I wish I have the full set of books by Louise May Alcott starting with Little Woman (which I have reed several times), because I love the feeling I get from them, I guess I'm super old fashioned.

I think that if I get some time this week I'll watch this one with my boy.

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