Having some doubts

Some time I wonder about what I am doing about unschooling, I guess I should not be worrying so much about that I should have him in school already, since my s on not even 4, and unschooling feels right, my kid does not want to go, but what I worry a lot is that when we see other kids, like relatives, I feel they have a bad influence on him, if we are visiting, we see candy everywhere and at any time of day, violent kids movies, bad food (not healthy), consumism (all toys are a character addiction), and then i wonder if I am exaggerating or if I should just surrender to world mass tendency, or how should I protect my son from all this without deprive him from family. Is not easy to speak openly to adults, among our culture is consider very rude not to accept a meal or have suggestions, or limits for your son different than for the other ones.
Any ideas?

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