Sewing birthday gifts

June is full with family birthdays, so I prepared myself ordering from Spoonflower this fabric with my babe picture on it.

Bolsa para el celular

I like challenges when it comes to sewing, to make my best to fulfil specific needs. So my mom needed a cell case, because in the one she has right now she put hear earphones too, but scratch the screen, so I made an external pocket for it.

Bolsa para el celular

She likes zippers, I avoid then, because I'm not good at sewing whit them, but I this one end up good.

Bolsa para el celular

It also has a hidden strap to carry it as a mini purse so she can have it around the house.

Bolsa para el celular

I also add my Chicobag hook because my mom love hooks.

Bolsa para el celular

 I also made a butterfly tote and a baby sling for my cousin birthday but my camera did not have batteries.

Porta bebé
Bolso mariposas


urban craft said...

that's a great idea, fabric with printed pictures on it. I didn't know that could be done, then again, I am not on top of these crafty things. Love it.

Ravenhill said...

I love your little pouch idea, it is completly original and very cute!

Please drop by my blog, I would so enjoy it if you would enter my give away.

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute idea! I have got to check out that fabric printing thing.