Gifts and sewing

Bolso de regalo

Sometimes I see a fabric and I think, this is so perfect for..., and this is what happened with this great Acrobats fabric.
Bolsa de regalo

It's just a simple messenger bag for an ex-teacher from high school who end up being the parthner of one of my closest friends.

 Títere de regalo

The other day we were going to a birthday party for a 5 year old to be girl, friend of Itzcóatl. I always try to give soething handmade but this time I wanted to include my son, so I asked what he would like to do, and after decide we were making a puppet he choose a Jaguar, so I cut the fabric and we made the dots painting on it whit our fingers, then I sew it, made a little purse, write a postcard (from boygirlparty) and we were done. She liked, but her baby sister liked even better, and she kept it on her hand even while nursing, it was really cute.


Any sewing projects you would like to share?

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