Is that time of the year

I've been planing since the last week of October, it gave me so much joy to arrange an rearrange the gift list, lo think of the best ideas, what will be the best gift for each one and also to make things to sell in this season, so I wont get any sleep until the last day of December.

I switch to sewing mode, so I'm not knitting that much and I think this year will be the year of the banners, I made one and I'm all hooked, love them, hope to sell some too.

This first one is for a lady who sells her pottery work at the farmer's market I work, I love her creations, and the colors she use, always on the blue green side. She made a mug for my son's the other day, just because, and I love it, so I wanted to thank her, and created this flag banner with the same colors, hope she likes it.

Banderín CerámicaBanderín Cerámica

Here is another one I'm working on, it will say Buenas Noches (Good Night), I love to do things inspired by trees.

Banderita Buenas noches

I made one pant holder for a friend in Mexico we called Lu out of demin scraps, pants are always too long for me, alas the mane of my blog.

Bici urbana

And I love it so much that now I can't stop, I made this one for sell and this other one for my brother as a Christmas gift, this last one comes with a little pouch that can be attached to the bike.

Ciclista UrbanoCiclista urbano

I also made this little wallet for a friend. I love to create things, I just feel a little sorry that I'm so busy doing things for sell that I hardly have time for doing things for love ones, because I'm getting so many ideas.

But tomorrow is my father birthday, so I made this apron for my son to embellish and I love that the first thing he thought was to put a heart on it. And then he (with my help) wrote "for my grandchild". since they are always joking around about my son being the grandfather and my father being the grandson. 

Regalo del abuelo

How is your gift making season going?

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heather at wordplayhouse® said...

First of all, I think it is lovely you have made a banner for your pottery friend. I also think you had a wonderful idea to have your little one decorate an apron for a gift. And you are right, he did it just right. It will be a perfect gift.