A ride to the hospital

So we finished our Holiday with a ride to the hospital, not a rush preoccupied one, just concern.

We went to a family party in the country and almost as soon as we arrived my son fell (he was wearing his brand new orthopedic shoes) and he hurt his ankle, he cried but not much, and then it was fine, but he could not stand or walk. We stayed at the party for several hours and he played on the grass.

When we left I decide to take him to the Hospital because he wont stand yet, and trying was painful.

We got lucky and there was no broken bones, but I got a bittersweet taste for all of it, and the funny thing is not that I was a little worry for him (I manage to get calm thinking the worst scenario, which I thought was a broken bone and a cast, and still that was not so ban, because there was no needles or painful procedures involved), it was the bad vibes I got since the beginning.

Do you have an unsporting person in your life? I think I involuntary always keep one on hand, because that my role model. So if I don't get disaprovement I'm not at peace. But I'm trying to change that.

Since I arrive to the place the comment of this person was that I had choose the wrong socks for those shoes, and then when he felt, that of course that was my fault for make him wear those shoes on grass, not to mention that I'm almost hypochondriac for taking him to the hospital.

And I think... so what?
If I'm exaggerating by taking him to the the hospital, then be supportive or don't be any way. I managed to make my kid get exited to wear those shoes, I mean, those ugly, heavy, Herman Monster shoes, that are good for him, he has the worst kind of flat feet, I'm trying to avoid a surgery, here, is that so bad?

I'm sorry if all this does not make any sense, but what do you do when someone you can't really cut from your kid's life is so negative about all the decisions you make?
Is anyone dealing with something similar?

I'm sorry, for all this, thank you for reading, tough, and for the record my kid will be fine and he was excited for the wheelchair.

Have a Merry Christmas to you all.

 En silla de ruedas

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