Screens make me mad

I think they do. Me and everyone else. I don't know why.

Tonight I was reading Rachel blog, and it got me thinking about this post I have wanted to write for a while, so here is it.

When my little boy was 3 years old he was all screen free, I did not use the computer when he was awake and he did not watch tv, or movies.

And then I introduced him to the world of movies, I thought it was not big deal, not open or cable tv, just a few selected movies, innocent stories. But then his peaceful behavior start to change. After a while he spend a few days without screen time, about a week, and I start to see signs of his old personality, and so I wonder and start to do tests. I saw that every time he had screen time he will become unpleasant to be with, not following directions, screaming, being rude to me, etc. There was anger behind all that, I could see it. And from that time I have try to not to expose my child to tv, movies, cell phone games, and even computer time, noticing the same effects and but even when we don't have a tv he gets to watch it in other places and sometimes I agree on a movie on the computer, always feeling that damage is happening and maybe it won't be a way to fix it.


At the same time I have been paying attention on what effect it has on me, because I want to be at my computer, you know, bogging, reading, keeping my bussines, but I know that I don't keep it at minimum, sometimes I'm on line just to see if someones connect too and we can talk, and this is stealing time an energy from my life, my real life with my boy, but, on top of all that, it makes me mad too. If my ask my attention in the middle of writing an email I get mad and answer in a not so polite way, and everything delays, yes he is not a baby any more, but getting his pijama's on is faster if I'm just sitting next to him than in the other room asking ud if he is done it already. It makes me mad and it's addictive, and many times there is nothing important there.

And so, I try to stay away too, to reduce my srceen time.

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