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I finally finish some diaper covers from an order and so I'm back to knit other things. I got back to this socks.

Yarn Along x

I'm obsessed with socks since I started knitting and I spend time watching beautiful patterns
In the reading side of the I fell in the series of The Hunger Games, the first bought by 5 dollars in digital version of the first book in English and read it on my computer, then I bought the second and then I was going blind so I bought the last on on paper, and then ended up buying back the first and the second this time in Spanish and rereading. There is a lot to talk about the content of them, I'm not proud of this reading, but they are very addictive.
really want to make these socks when I finish what I'm doing, I love the wheat on them, although they are far from my knitting skills, but still I think I can make it.


Marfa said...

Your socks look great...I made one pair last year and really need to try to make another, but it was hard, I didn't know if I'd be wearing one sock or get the 2nd one done......I did finally. ♥ I really enjoyed reading all 3 Hunger Games books! You're reading it in Spanish?!!!

tie-dyed doula said...

Lovely! I have not knit socks yet. Ive always been afraid of the heel. Haha. Godd job!

Lori ann said...

very pretty socks!