Sewing a lot, again

I have been working on some things for our home, like simple pillows but with beautiful fabric, I think pillows make a home cozy, even if you don't have couches.

Last Saturday we had visitors for breakfast, and so I took this chance to make place mats and napkins that I have been planning for a few weeks.

I end up making a bread basket with the same fabric, I tried to imitate a tree trunk, I love to make thing that remind of forest, trees and nature.

Also I'm still working on the puppets for the birthday of a little boy, they are giving one puppet to each kid, I'm hand sewing the eyes, and that's delaying me.

The night I made the napkins I also cut some pillows I have to make for an order, and I end up with a few stripes of fabric of the same width, and I decided to try my hand at a log cabin patch, not really knowing very well how to, but it came up nice in the end, I think, I added son corners to make it more pretty, I always get very worry about how to combine colors right on a quilt, and that even stops me from doing it.

I haven't made the pillow for this one yet, I made all my pillows because I like to use cotton fabric and I think all pillows that sale on stores are expensive.

I'm joining Nicole, on KCCO today, what are you creating these days?


Amanda said...

Love your bread basket!

momto5 said...

wonderful stuff. love the bee fabric

Heather said...

Wow! You are definitely sewing a lot! I love the little basket. And all the pillows :-)