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I am grateful for...
For the Día de Muertos (Day of the dead) celebration coming, because is my favorite, and all corners, schools and offices are full of color with altars, everywhere, that sure make you feel happy, better than the usual gray city. And I'm grateful capacity of forgiveness from my little 3 years old boy, from who I have so much to learn, and for have found a little school for him, and for him being happy with it, and for the lady who is helping me with my chores in exchange of the furniture that I will left behind when I move, and for the sewer who is helping me with my little baby sling shop, and for hearing these two ladies chatting about how happy they where of going out of the house for a couple of house and work, and for my boyfriend who got fired and that was exactly what he wanted, for our family and friend, and for being able of hugging a sad friend, and for my sewing students, always so motivated.

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