Doll for a birthday girl

So I'm trying to resucite the English version of my personal blog, I have the Spanish one.
We will see if I blog in both.
Muñequita de regalo
I got this pattern long ago, from Make Baby Stuff, and last night it was the day for it.
I love the opportunity that a birthday (or Christmas) gives me to create, and I love when there is a little girl involved since I have a boy and, even when I don't think there should be gender toys, I do have to close some part of my brain when creating for my kid (name dresses, skirts, etc.).
So I tought I was going ti make a dress, but instead I remember this pattern and went for it, I got the first arm wrong because I didn't realize at first that I need to leave some sewing alloance extra from the pattern. But I have to say that I love it, I have invented many dolls, but this one has a great proportion and size, I wish I would had time to make clothes, but I knew of the birthday one day ahead, so this was the result.
Ajuar de la muñequita
I also bought in the Mercado (market) some little clay dishes and wood spoons and a chair.

And here is my sweet little one taking care of the doll before giving it.
El pillo la cuida en el taxi antes de entregarla

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