I've been struggling with the house almost since we arrived, longing for the first few days at my father´s house (when we first arrive to Costa Rica) or in this house, or the last in Mexico, with very few things.

La sala antes

Many who we are in the journey of parenting with awareness of our environmental impact, are in this search-path of having less, in relation to this I tell you that I am participating in a reading group of Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids, hosted by Rachel on 
Clean. blog, you can participate even without reading the book.


Today I wanted to photograph our breakfast, I have speak before about this, I said that taking pictures of your breakfast has to be a sign of happiness and well being.
Seeing the picture I noticed something that I like, it's that at least I'm not ashamed to background, as it has been for a long time, something that keept me from inviting people over my room still needs a lot of work, besides the missing mop (my least favorite activity in the world), but the feeling of well being is indomitable, I can finally breathe.


I finished last night around 4 am, I also found the battery charger that allows me to get my camera to photograph my world (and finally make the final video on the Ottobre wool diaper cover tutorial series I'm hosting at the Spanish version of the blog).
I also did an activity that had promised to Itzcóatl for days, the Easter egg hunt, something he had never done (and had no much idea of), I liked to draw the map, but would I didn't want to give a very high dose of sugar, so I just hid 5 candy eggs and included a little tin egg I had bought some time ago but had not given him (it's this one Fried Egg - by HABA).

Búsqueda de huevos de pascua

I'm enjoying Easter at home and I hope to get to work on the garden beds that I have not prepared, What about you?
I hope you enjoy and relax, thanks for stopping by here and comment, it makes my day.


Anonymous said...

hopped over from Frontier Dreams and saw your really beautiful working/creative space for your children..so beautiful and practical!! great! this order and practicability reminds me of the Montessori principle too... and the breakfast looks so delicious and healthy!


La Chili said...

Thank you very much!