Mail goodness

I was not sure if this was going to make it. but it did and I'm so happy.


It's a small order from Horizon Herbs, which I found via farmmama (my new favorite blog), I found very interesting that they would have a special kit of seed for dyeing plants.

Maíz azul

I plant them last night, and I'm super excited. I got some blue corn, which I used to eat when living in Mexico, purple onion, Epazote, which is great to get rid of parasites and also for good taste on beans; some medicinal as flax seed, yarrow and comfrey, and some that may not be in their best environment, but maybe will grow, as asparagus and tea tree.


I also start a mini quilt for a nephew baby who's shower is in two weeks.



perches said...

Ooooh, thanks for the seed tip. That sounds totally cool! Last year I just bought my dying plants at a festival, but growing my own sounds like fun.

La Chili said...

Yes, I think so too, although I didn't buy dyeing seeds this year.