Learning to ride a bike

Perhaps you, like me, had seen the bicycles for young children that do not have pedals, they are very nice but expensive.

But there are other options, the other day I got the idea from Rachel's blog, there is always an economical solution. We have this bike that was my sisters, who are already girls.

The issue is that it is better to teach a bike ride that has no pedals or little whells, because the ability to balance can develop from the beginning, and avoid the insecurity that comes when the little wheels are removed.


Today, on a Sunday afternoon without rain, we tried it, I remove the pedals but not the chain I had not the right tools for that, so I just taped to the bike..


In just one day I saw progress, and my son (almost 5) was happy and confident.

  First picture from Tikibá.

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Julie said...

What a great idea! They really are expensive but this totally works. Love it!