Camping inside

Yesterday my son asked that we play camping.

Encendiendo el fuego

It was really fun, we got everything needed in our back pack, build the tent, made fire, ate marshmallow and reed suspense stories.

En su tienda

After sleeping we went to the river to fish, swim and canopy.

We used this site to get in the mood.

Leyendo historias de miedo

What a bout you?, what are playing on this summer time?, is it rainy, like here?


Julie said...

It's not rainy here, mostly, just brutally hot and we've been hiding inside most of the week, waiting for the heat wave to break. My girls have been crafting like crazy and there are stickers stuck to the floor. I love the idea of indoor camping, though. That looks like fun!

La Chili said...

Thank you Julie.
Here is very hot, too, but always rainy.
Thank you for reading here, your blog it's beautiful.