Number 5. Lees is more.

La masa de la pizza

So the party is over, it's kind of nice and sad at the same time. I'll had to wait a year for another planing and crafting.
I can believe how fast time pass, it seams so close when we were putting together the puzzle from his 4th birthday, and now he's five.

Last year he still was kind of babyish and now it's a little fellow, although I felt the same way every year, amazed and all his changes and afraid that next year he will find my party ideas -and myself- ridiculous.
The party theme was The Sea, and my mom made the most amazing fish cake.

El pastel
Pintando la piñataRellenando la piñata
Itzcoatl and me made the Piñata,  he chosed the paint color. I was afraid it would be to fragile for the filling weight, but wasn't, actually it was a little difficult to brake.
I was afraid of that there were too much candy on it, but it was fine.

La piñata

I made some frozen banana-nuts-yogurt lolly pops.
It rained a lot, but was fine.
Kids draw with chalk on the floor, very cool drawings.


Of 5 kids that were invited, only 2 arrived, it was perfectly fine for Itzcóatl. At the beginning I got a little mad about it, because I feel it's disrespectful to confirm assistance and not to arrive, or cancel at the last minute, not in a emergency case, but as an habit. I don't why we have been in this situation often lately. But then, i found the bright side of it, since my house is small, and there were many adults, uncles, grandmas, and even a great grandma, just 68 years old, by the way. And also there was not to many gifts, and nothing plastic but puzzles, and coloring books, it was great, and he was so happy.


I made homemade pizzas from the lovely book Baking Bread With Children (Crafts Series), everybody loved them (most of them, even when a few were not so happy with the absence of meat), I would place the dough and tomato sauce and each family would add whatever they want from the options: zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, olives, capers, champs, bell pepper, and mozzarella cheese.

At the end I presented a shadow puppet play inspired on the Celtic Myth Lljfr Taliesin.

One of the things that made me more happy of it was that we didn't use anything disposable, all food was homemade, and there wasn't almost anything in plastic, just a few balls and magnifying glass for the piñata.

Here there are more pictures, and I offer myself to help planning your eco-crafty-party, if anyone need ideas or assistance.

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happy birthday to your 5 year old!