Preparing for his 5th birthday

El mar

You may go and get a cup of coffee or tea before, since this is a looong post.

First let's remember:

Number 1: Babtism and Wrestrling figures (Luchadores) in general, particularly Místico. Number 2: Fruits. Number 3: Cars (hey, no Cars). Number 4: What falls, there was no time to organize. Number 5: The sea (although most was the Egyptians).
I've been out for the race stuck in the preparations for the party.
I'll share.
First invitations, cut out a nice cardstock I bought at an art store imitating the sea and sand, decorated with rubber stamps with shells and marine animals and interior watercolors can be seen in the photo.


The bags are on fabric, and I give them from the begining, so they can play with their favors and use them for what they pick up at the piñata, and after all a little bag can be reused instead of trash.

Bolsitas terminadas

This is what they carry inside, a espantasuegras, a goat's milk lolly pop , a cooki covered in chocolate, a chocolate bunny, a sea board game rolled (drawn by me), a small cloth bag with dice and four wooden tiles (painted by me), a bottle of bubbles, one of the following options: spinner top, yoyo or bowling (wood and painted by me, all), and maybe a pirate's patch.

Bolsitas de la fiesta
Vamos a hacer la piñata

We made the piñata on Monday, I hope it will dry on time, we kind of made in a rush, so it's not perfect, the surfice it's all bumpy, but, hey, it's to be broken, right?

 Piñata en proceso

I usually don't decorate a lot, so I just sew 3 fabrics togheter to hang in the wall and add some fish and shells.
El mar, decoración

I'm making fabric napkins for the ocasion, I have made on 2, but I'll get there.

Servilletas de mar

Today I bought peanuts, which completes the filling of the piñata.

I still have t to make tomato sauce for pizzas and the concentrated water of Jamaica (Hibiscus flower), in addition to granola for Saturday's Farmer's Market.

I also have to design and practice for the Play, a shadow puppets one I will be making for the day, because I have no progress on that, I think it'll make the siren story by Maria Elena Walsh, if you do not know their stories and songs I highly recommend they do, they are excellent.

Also thought about making a list of songs to play from my mp3 with sound waves and songs about the sea including Hermanos Rincón, María Elena Walsh and eve  Lost Acapulco.

So, that's it, thanks for stopping by.

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