Here is another post birthday related, sorry, I just love his birthday.

I love to make our own piñatas every year, and how he gets more involved every time. The only I didn't made was for his 4th birthday.

La primera piñataEn la Iglesia

First one was a Sun, so bad I don't have a picture of it finished.


Second one was a king, my sis help me a bit.

Pintando la piñata La piñata con su papá

Tird one was a dinosaur, and he i wearing the same pajama than 2 years later, that's good clothes.

Dale dale dale

Forth one was bought but very Mexican.


Fifth, a purple fish.

And here is the cake singing.

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Julie said...

Wow! Those are amazing. I tried my hand at making one once. Didn't turn out nearly so well.

La Chili said...

Oh, you just have to practice.