Today I'm feeling joyful.

It's been a long long trip since the last post I talked about our family, about our path, so I thought I would give you an update, because it has been a long time since.

A few months after that my started school in Costa Rica, it was in beautiful place, with a little forest and lots of green areas to play around. But the schooling experience was not a happy one, my son started to get very stress, he was bullied by not only classmates but also the teacher. He didn't like to be there, even when he had good relation ships with classmates and loved the forest.

Meanwhile a got an online job, and after thinking about it with lots of anxiety I decided to move back to Mexico, among other reasons because I have a great support net of friends and because there is not religion free education in Costa Rica and homeschooling could lead to have your kids taken away from you by the government. But mainly because this schooling experience was so stressful for my son that lost 3 kilos (6.6 pounds), from a total of 23 (50).

So we pack all we could in a couple of suitcases and flight to Mexico. We lived in the house of a friend for 5 weeks and then find an apartment.

My kid started school on august in the same active school I went, a very nice one, but expensive.

On September 15th I got fired out of the blue. Things got complicated, my son was so happy at school that he didn't want to leave, I started a cake business, started sewing classes in a woman's shelter and baby and prenatal classes in other center. On January the shelter had to cancel the classes and so I decided to take a job at a call center.

When I told this to my son he got sad, he said, "But mama, I will see even less of you", "Yes, but I just have to do it in order to afford your school, it won't be so bad", "But I don't want that, I rather homeschool then", and then that was it, I was so moved by his words and so happy.

And so we are going back to it, and it's such a joy, I really love to do HS, I think is the best thing in the world.

And right now we are on the good bye process again, for the third time, it has not been easy, but this is the third time we make this decision, together as always have done it.

And we are both excited.

P.S. Here in Mexico City, Homeschooling is as rare as snow, and so there is no co ops, or any support and people takes it very bad, but the risk of the government taking any action is minimal, I would appreciate any suggestions on having social times with kids other than play dates, an aspect I worry a little about since he is a single kid.

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