Dry Shrimp Soup

I'm not sure if you can find dry shrimp outside Mexico, but here is very common. So I tought I'll just share a quick recipe.

Dry Shrimp Soup

It is nutritious, cheap and delicious.


a bit of onion
3 large garlic cloves or 7 small
bay leaves
ground white pepper
sea ​​salt
a pound of tomatoes
a pinch of thyme
a pinch of ground chile morita in olive oil (if you want it spicy)

Chop all the ingredients above and fry over low heat with olive oil.
Blend, return to pot.

a quarter of dried shrimp (they are only about 8 large ones)
5 carrots
5 potatoes
3 large or 5 medium nopales
a bunch of spinach

Chop and add to the tomato sauce.
Add water to fill the pot.
Raise the heat to high simmer.

Serve with chopped avocado.



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